Poland, Skawina, 30 July 2021

The secondments to ZAM that started in March 2020 have finally been completed.

The secondments were in line with the design solution plan according to the WP3 work plan: “Preparation of the automation and control system”. In collaboration with project implementers from Zamak Mercator sp. z o.o. and academics from the University of Minho and Technical University of Kosice, the objectives resulting from Task T3.2 were achieved, namely the automation system controlling the entire extrusion system of the new machine was developed and prepared, thus automating the process in real time.
The aim was to verify the functionality of the PLC system in the new machine, in order to check its hardware and software flexibility, i.e. the effectiveness of changes to the program during the process of using the machine. During the verification of the PLC system, various communication modules were tested to ensure communication with other systems, in particular with systems for visualisation and control of technological processes. It was therefore a question of verifying the input and output signals using the imaging process.
Various variants of correct operation of the automation system have also been designed and verified as regards detection of temperature indications in the melting chamber, obtaining correct material homogenisation, and others.
In cooperation with Zamak Mercator sp. z o.o. company, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and Human Machine Interface with touch panels, as well as software for control and visualisation of extrusion process parameters in combination with a security system have been developed. Thanks to the correctly set up PLC system, automation of the system was achieved, which is important for achieving maximum efficiency of the production process on the extruder.
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