Lithuania, Kaunas, 25 June 2021

Three research teams from the University of Minho (Portugal), the Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia) and the Lublin University of Technology (Poland) went to Dirmet (Lithuania) to carry out the task T4.1.

The extruder is ready and running. The extruder should be connected to the electrical network and the extruder and extrusion process should be tested. First of all, the work will focus on measuring material pressure distribution in plasticization system and extrusion head, temperature distribution in individual functional zones of plasticization system and extrusion head, screw torque, unit energy consumption, extruder and process efficiency, die swell, temperature of the extrudate, polymer output, extrusion speed, power conducted to the extruder, power transferred by the polymer. The presented parameters will be measured for two different rotational speeds of the special screw and three different nanofiller shares.

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