Lithuania, Kaunas, 21 September 2021

During the secondment at DIR in September 2021 in Kaunas, a T5.4c workshop was held, where the theoretical and practical aspects of building a business plan, risk analysis as well as a plan of expenses and costs, during the implementation of projects and running a business, were presented. Karolina GÅ‚ogowska from LUT discussed matters related to writing a business plan, which includes among others setting objectives, defining budgets, engaging partners, and anticipating problems before they happen. Then, Ludmila Dulebova from TUK presented a paper on the analysis of risks that may occur during the project implementation. She presented basic knowledge of risks, risk identification, division of risk, risk analysis process and risk management. On the other hand, matters related to the costs of running a business were discussed by Mr. Aurimas Valecka from DIR. The theoretical analysis was supplemented by practical activities, during which everyone present at the training was to develop a business plan for an innovative undertaking. At the end, Janusz Sikora presented the results of the work carried out during the secondments, which took place at ZAM, and the sending institutions were UMI and TUK from the scientific sector.

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