Slovakia, Krompachy, 21 May 2019

In SEZ Krompachy a.s. there was an additional workshop for members of the NEWEX project participating in the secondmet to SEZ Krompachy. The aim of these workshops was to show the participants of the NEWEX project the entire production process of the active grooved section of the new generation extruder.

The workshop consisted of two parts. The first part dealt with theoretical issues, material, human and technical resources necessary to make all parts of the active grooved section. This information was collected and presented by Mrs Janka Saksova from SEZ Krompachy. In the second part of the workshop, which took place in the production hall of the Company, the process of producing a selected part of the active grooved section was shown. Presentations were led by Mr Jan Kamenicky. The workshop was completed with a demonstration of the operation of the newly purchased modern injection molding machine by SEZ Krompachy. The extruder is manufactred by Arburg and is called Allrounder 370 S 700-170.


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