Bulgaria, Varna, 19-22 June 2019

On June 19-22, two members of the NEWEX project, Karolina Głogowska and Łukasz Majewski, took part in the 5th edition of the International Scientific Congress “INNOVATIONS 2019”, which took place in Varna (Bulgaria). The aim of the congress was to meet scientists from different countries, where participants could present their scientific achievements and take part in discussions on broadly understood innovations in technical applications and beyond.

During the Congress, members of the NEWEX project presented innovative solutions for single-screw extruders as a results of cooperation and research conducted within the project. Innovative construction solutions have been presented in an accessible graphic form on two posters. The first one, entitled “New concepts for the activegrooved-feed section extruder”, discussed earlier known constructional solutions and models of the active grooved feed zone of the extruder, as well as a new solution developed in the NEWEX project. The second paper entitled “Rotating barrel segment as an innovative solution for plastics extrusion” described the current state of the art concerning unconventional design solutions of the single-screw plasticizing systems of extruders with a rotating sleeve of the barrel, as well as a new constructional solution developed thanks to international cooperation within the project. Both works aroused great interest among the participants of the Congress. Participation in the Congress “INNOVATIONS 2019” in addition to the presentation of innovative constructional solutions for the single-screw extruders was also an opportunity to establish new contacts with foreign scientists and to promote the NEWEX project internationally.
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