Slovakia, Košice, 20 May 2019

On May 20, 2019, TUK hosted the T5.4b Workshop. The aim of the T5.4b workshop entitled: Idea brokering, IPR issues and EU Research Programmes is to present members of the Newex project from the science and industry sector, as well as anybody wishing to participate, because the workshops are open, issues including support, development and implementation of innovative ideas on the example of transferring the results of research carried out in TUK to social and economic practice. Another aim of the workshop is also to familiarize participants with issues related to Intellectual property: copyrights and industrial property, including such instruments as: patents granted in respect of inventions; protection rights for utility models, registration right for industrial designs, protection right for trademarks, registration right for geographical indications, combating unfair competition as well as the presentation of various research and innovation programs offered by the EU within the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. The 1 st. presentation was about the Idea Brokering, where Assoc. prof. František Jakab, PhD. from University Science Park, TECHNIKOM discussed about this. Assoc. prof. Radoslav Delina, PhD., TUKE described the rules EU Research Programs, where the presentation dealt with issues in Horizon2020, with attention to issues before the start of the project, during the implementation of the project and after the completion of the project. JUDr. Peter Čižmár informed us about the categories of intellectual property in general, subsequently the emphasis was put on copyright, trademarks, designs, patents and utility models in his presentation.

Presentation and subsequent discussion concerning IPR issues was mainly focused on intellectual property in Horizon 2020, on various kinds of intellectual property and on forms of academia-industry cooperation from the legal perspective.

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