Portugal, Guimarães, 12 December 2018

From 7th December to 9th February 2019, more secondments are on the way. This time, industry representatives from SEZ (Slovakia), ZAM (Poland) and DIR (Lithuania) will carry out the project tasks in the Portuguese scientific unit – University of Minho. The purpose of their stay is to carry out research tasks foreseen in the project concerning the selection of the most optimal solution of a plasticizing systems. Team 2.5, consisting of the representatives of three industrial plants as well as members of UMI team will scrutinize the results of modeling, simulation and optimization performed in T2.4 which will enable the selection of the best and optimal technical solution ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption simultaneously with high material productivity and high homogenization level of extrudate as well as other technical parameters. We wish all of them good luck

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