Portugal, Guimarães, 20 November 2018

Secondees from SEZ, ZAM and DIR visited PIEP – Innovation Pole in Polymer Engineering. PIEP is a private Research and Development Organization based at the University of Minho, providing consultancy, materials development, product and manufacturing technology development, as well as testing services.

With its main core competencies on advanced polymeric systems and composites (thermoset and thermoplastic based), and supported by highly qualified engineering and scientific staff, PIEP is actively engaged in the successful development of innovative products and manufacturing technologies for the industry. The second interesting place was a visit to DONE Lab. DONE Lab, advanced manufacturing of products and tools laboratory, was developed under the partnership between the University of Minho and Bosch Car multimedia through the Innovative Car HMI programme. The IC-HMI program aims to design and develop critical systems and components related to the safety of the car of the future, namely sensors for monitoring the car surroundings, including also driver and passengers, new generation of head-up displays and new concepts of smart assembly tools, among others. For the development of the systems and components, DONE Lab brings together a set of manufacturing technologies capable of assuring the production of experimental and functional prototypes and customized assembly tools, combining additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies. Due to the prohibition of taking photos and disclosing information, the relationship is limited.

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