Poland, Lublin, 31 December 2021

Done. Task 4.2B completed. Secondees from DIR and SEZ, with the help of members of the LUT team, performed a series of tests and measurements on the material samples obtained in the Task 4.1.

All planned properties were determined, in particular: melt flow index MFR and MVR, Heat Deflection Temperature HDT and Vicat Softening Temperature VST, temperature of phase transitions, degree of crystallinity and enthalpy, relationship of the specific volume to temperature and pressure. Unfortunately, due to a broken SEM, we did not do the degree of polymer homogenization and microscope laboratory studies of the material structure. We decided to do this research in April-May 2022. Everyone is looking forward to the next secondments, during which Secondees from DIR and ZAM will go to TUK. We stick to the plan and move forward. The end is already visible.

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