Lithuania, Kaunas, 7 February 2020

T5.2.3 Training session entitled: ”Prototyping and production practice on the basis of the new extruder elements” was held on 7 February 2020 in the conference room of the Dirmeta UAB company in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The session had an open character and was addressed to the general public. The event was organized by DIR and LUT and was fully in accordance with GA. The training session consisted of two parts. In the first part, 2 long lectures were delivered which presented different techniques of the extrusion process and different calculation methods of twin screw plasticizing systems. Presentations were given by the guests invited for that reason – EAB member prof. Elżbieta Bociąga and MB member prof. Antonio Gaspar Cunha. The second part concerned the discussion and presentation of innovative measuring tools and systems that significantly simplify and shorten the time necessary to manufacture the given parts and to measure them. This training was conducted by representatives of the UAB Metmatus company, who represent the Hoffmann Group company in Lithuania. Finally, Ms Malgorzata Gierulska conducted a workshop on the Polish language, giving a short theoretical linguistic introduction followed by practical session of “Survival Polish”.

The training session covered selected theoretical and practical aspects of various techniques for injection molding as well as modeling and calculating of twin screw systems. It also concerned discussing innovative measuring tools and systems on the example of the premium brand GARANT tools and the high-quality tool brand HOLEX. The training session was closed by a soft-skill-development workshop entitled “Survival Polish”.

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