South Korea, Seoul, 27-30 November 2019

From November 27 to November 30, 2019, another event was held in Seoul (South Korea) related to the promotion of new solutions in various areas of life.

The event was the Seoul International Invention Fair 2019, at which members of the NEWEX team from LUT and UMI, i.e. Mirosław Ferdynus, Janusz Sikora and António Gaspar Lopes da Cunha presented a solution of an active grooved zone. The solution entitled “Adjusting mechanism of the plasticizing barrel of the extruder” has been submitted for patent protection at the Polish Patent Office under the number P.425593 and has already obtained legal protection by the decision granting the patent number PL 232600. It is with great pleasure that we inform that the international jury awarded this solution with a bronze medal and it won a special prize. Congratulations.

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