Slovakia, Košice, 20 February 2019

Additional workshop was held at Kosice, entitled “Generative technologies – 3D printing – case studies – theory and practice”, which was hosted by Ivan Gajdoš from TUK. During the workshop, the participants learned about different printing techniques not only using polymers but also other materials such as metals.

Secondees of the Newex project visited the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Measurement of the Technical University of Košice. The centre offers activities to support innovation of products and technology, optimization of production processes, material efficiency and environmental aspect of industrial applications of technology in the areas of metrology, computer tomography, or in the area of additive biomedical processes as well as industry cooperation.

We could see a device Fortus 450 mc which works on the principle of FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) and devices: Objet Eden 250 and Objet Eden 260V – working on the principle of POLYJET – the application of liquid material that is cured by UV light used for prototype printing, anatomical models, also used in the dental area, also offers printing from biocompatible material, which can be used in the human body for 24 hours. We also saw Mlab curing R device which works on the principle of SLM (Selective Laser Coating). These devices are ideal machines for manufacturing parts with delicate structures.

This was a very good basis for the T2.6 task consisting in printing the elements of plasticizing systems developed by the NEWEX team.

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