Lublin, 5 February 2018

We would like to kindly inform that on 23rd February 2018 at Lublin University of Technology, a Mid-term meeting will be held, at which a general progress of the project will be discussed, including the implementation of WP 1 and WP2. The Cordinator’s report will cover the general status of the project, training, transfer of knowledge & networking, management and impact issues. This will also be an opportunity for Secondees to give a presentation on the influence of the project on their development and career. During the MTM we will host most of the participants of the project, Managament Board and Expert Advisory Board,as well as representatives from the Research Executive Agency from Brussels. At the end there will be a meeting between seconded staff members and the Project Officer,as well as feedback and open discussions. The MTM agenda is attached below.
MTM agenda

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