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Course summary:

Training 4 : Production (in metal) of main and auxiliary extruder parts, elements and systems (drives), Modeling of twin screw extruders , Non-conventional methods of injection moulding, Dissemination activities of NEWEX

Exam Summary:

Mid-term Exam (called "NEWEX in half-way") consist of 1 quiz based on the selected aspects and questions aiming at the  test o the knowledge presented in first 3 NEWEX courses (Training 1,2, 3)

Course Summary:

The first NEWEX elearning thematic course on the theory of extrusion and micro-extrusion process, construction of the elements and numerous applications

Course summary:

The second NEWEX eCourse focusing on specific theoretical and practical aspects: modelling & optimization of single screw extrusion, testing of polymer extrudate properties, 3D printing filament extrusion, CAx solutions dedicated to polymer processing and finally Businees approach

Course summary:

The third course concentrates on modelling and optimization process of the extrusion processenvironmental problems, and UMIs activities of innovation and technology transfer